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The Maloney Honeymoon


As you can see by our tentative itinerary below this is not your average road trip and definitely not your average honeymoon... but it's perfect for us! Unfortunately this epic adventure is going to come at a significant cost. Gas, fall/winter gear, maps, ticket and permit fees, restaurants, reservations, campsites, hotels, massages, shows, and did we mention gas? These are all big ticket items with a hefty price tag, and asking anyone to pay for any one astronomical thing would be unrealistic and since we are relative minimalists more "stuff" on a registry just isn't our thing, which is why we are hoping for the gift of experience by way of monetary contributions towards our honeymoon fund. Ready to send your "gift"? Utilize one of the convenient options listed: 


Please note, we've adjusted settings so any app contribution aka "gift" should be hidden and for our eyes only. You're welcome to tell us what "Day" or activity you want it to go towards (take credit for your contribution!), otherwise we will share with you what we put your specific monetary gift towards after our trip!


Any method of gifting is totally fine by us and very much appreciated! If you prefer cash or check please bring it to the event - we will have a card/gift box on hand :)


  • Paypal: @mikemaloney @

  • Apple Cash: 707.479.2244


Day 1 | Fri | 11.17

Pinnacles, CA

Drive to Pinnacles National Park & Drive to SLO


Day 4 | Mon | 11.20

Boulder City, NV

Drive to Boulder City, Hoover Dam / Lake Mead Exploration & Boulder City Brewing


Day 7 | Thu | 11.23

Havasupai Reservation, AZ

Camping, exploring & relaxing at Havasupai Falls


Day 10 | Sun | 11.26

Sedona, Arizona

Relax in Sedona & Couples Massages


Day 13 | Wed | 11.29

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Hike the Navajo Loop & Explore Sunset Point


Day 16 | Sat | 12.2

Zion National park, AZ

Explore Angels Landing


Day 19 | Tue | 12.4

Mojave National Preserve, CA

Depart Vegas, Explore the Mojave National Preserve, Drive to Joshua Tree 


Day 22 | Fri | 12.7

Various Roads Home

Kindgs Canyon then Homeward Bound


Day 2 | Sat | 11.18

San Luis Obispo, CA

SLO Tourism and Morro Bay


Day 5 | Tue | 11.21

Peach Springs, AZ

Arizona Hot Springs hike & Grand Canyon Skywalk (maybe Cavern Grotto Restaurant / Bar)


Day 8 | Fri | 11.24

Havasupai Reservation, AZ

Camping, relaxing & exploring at Havasupai Falls


Day 11 | Mon | 11.27

Page, Arizona

Mather Point & Horseshoe Bend & Lower Antelope Canyon & Lake Powell 


Day 14 | Thu | 11.30

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Hike the Queens Garden trail & Drive to Zion


Day 17 | Sun | 12.3


Leave Zion, Hike the Fire Wave Trail & Drive to Las Vegas

Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 10.28.24 PM.png

Day 20 | Wed | 12.5

Joshua Tree National Park, CA

Sunset Key View


Day 23 | Sat | 12.9

Cloverdale, CA

Unpack & Relax


Day 3 | Sun | 11.19

Red Rocks Resort, NV

Drive to Vegas & Shenanigans


Day 6 | Wed | 11.22

Havasupai Reservation, AZ

Drive to the trailhead and Backpack 10 Miles to Havasupai Falls


Day 9 | Sat | 11.25

Havasupai Reservation, AZ

Backpack 10 Miles Out & Drive to Sedona


Day 12 | Tue | 11.28


The Wave (Pending Lotto) vs Marble Canyon, Kanab Sand Caves, & Drive to Bryce Canyon


Day 15 | Fri | 12.1

Zion National Park, AZ

Explore The Narrows


Day 18 | Mon | 12.4

Las Vegas, NV

Relax, Boats at Venecian, nice dine. 


Day 21 | Thu | 12.6

Sequoia National Park

General Sherman


Day 24 | Sun | 12.10

Cloverdale, CA

Relax & Seahawks

Did we mention the price of gas?!

Thank you again for contributing to the Honeyfund - This trip wouldn't be possible without your help and we're so excited!

You're awesome!

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