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I’m just a fun loving foodie with a taste for far off places and grand adventures. I’ve got the heart of a hippie, soul of a gypsy and crave new inspiration from The Outspired. When I’m not running Outspired Nutrition or playing in the kitchen, you can find me on the trail, soaking up the sun, sipping an adult beverage, or spending time with my family and sweet bearded babe. My husbby may command the compass, but I set the clock. He keeps me wild and I keep him safe. 

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I'm a charismatic and comedic nature nerd living life by a compass not a clock. I have an immense sense of "wilderlust" and a grand appreciation for outdoor adventures - hence founding The Outspired. I dig tall Jenga bouts, epic backpacking treks, lakeside hammock naps, cuddle puddles with my wifey, and spend most my free time disc golfing, riding my Harley, hiking, skydiving, Triathlon Trainingfilming weddings, or planning our next adventure. 

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