Our Crown Supercoach



Modeled after it's original 1930's+ predecessors, our '90 "twinkie" bus was manufactured just prior to the Crown Supercoach Corporation shutting their doors in '91. This limited edition is one of the last iconic Series I models that survived the "California Crush". At 40' long, this sleek beast boasts a Detroit 6-71 TA inline 6 diesel - 270 HP Engine.


Calling Washington home for years, it felt right to name her after our favorite NFL team's, the Seattle Seahawks, mascot (and actual hawk) 'Taima' - meaning "Thunder"!  

 Seemingly destined for this repurposing, our Crown jewel was first titled on April 21st (1990), sharing birthdays with Myke, April 21st (1986), Taima the hawk, April 21st (2005), and the Father of the National Parks, John Muir, April 21st (1838)


On April 21st, 2021at 4:21 p.m. we (hopefully) will be

renovated enough to finally move into our Skoolie!

Let the countdown begin: