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three peaks, one long day


The Bay Area Region
Summer Solstice, June 21st, 2022

The North Bay Summit Solstice is an annual opportunity to spend the longest day of the year hiking to three of the most picturesque mountain peaks the region has to offer. The individual hikes offer varying elevations and mileage and the in-between-hiking travel logistics combine for a unique challenge designed to test your physical and mental toughness. The question is, do you have what it takes to complete the Summit Solstice? 

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Mount Diablo

The Drive: 

Take Mitchell Canyon Road off Clayton Road in the town of Clayton, go to the end. There is a ranger station here (parking fee charged). Mitchel Canyon Trailhead is the official designated Trail Head for the Summit Solstice and is on the map below.



The Hike: 

Mitchell Canyon to Summit and back is known as the definitive Mount Diablo hike - the total mountain experience. It encompasses all of the park's life zones, from meadow lands to rocky summit. If open, enter the Summit Building at the top to officially touch the peak.


The Mileage: 

Approximately 13 miles

The Details: 

Elevation: 3,849 feet
Prominence: 3,109 feet

Parent Range: Diablo Range

County: Contra Costa

More Info: Here

Free Trail Map: Here


Mount Tamalpais

The Drive: 

Take the winding Highway 29 north from Calistoga. As you climb up the hills you will find the "Robert Louis Stevenson StThe official designated Trail Head is on the map below. 

The Hike: 

TBD. Touch the fire look out tower as the official East summit.

The Mileage: 

Approximately TBD

The Details: 

Elevation: 2,579 feet
Prominence: 2,456 feet

Parent Range: Marin Hills
County: Marin

More Info: Here

Free Trail Map: Here


Mount Saint Helena

The Drive: 

Take the winding Highway 29 north from Calistoga. As you climb up the hills you will find the "Robert Louis Stevenson State Park" sign, and a few miles later you will reach a saddle with free parking. The trailhead is on the left side of the road. The official designated Trail Head is on the map below. 

The Hike: 

Follow the forest hiking trail for 1 mile until you pop out onto the fire road. Remember the location of the turn off, since the trail sign is somewhat hidden. Go left (up) the fire road until you reach the summit plateau where turn offs lead to South Peak, Middle Peak, etc. Follow the main road to North Peak, which is about 5.5 miles from the parking lot. Find the highest rock point near the radio/tv towers to touch the official summit.

The Mileage: 

Approximately 11 miles

The Details: 

Elevation: 4,342 feet
Prominence: 1,823 feet

Parent Range: Mayacamas Mountains

County: Sonoma

More Info: Here

Free Trail Map: Here

The Challenge

Summit all three peaks by foot, in any order you choose, on the Summer Solstice (June 21st) or the closest day you can.


You must begin each hike at the designated trail heads listed above and physcially touch the peak.


You can't start hiking until official sunrise and must bag the last peak before official sunset.

This is a marathon (actually more mileage) not a sprint, but for those trying to make our Top 8, please present quantifiable proof of all 3 hikes from the specified TH sign, to peak and back with time and mileage (not driving) and a photo of you to

Is this challenge a walk in the park for you? Add another park to the day by summiting Mt. Wittenberg in Point Reyes. 

The Prize

Pride, Respect, & Bragging Rights!

This is a free challenge but you can definitely buy memorabilia at our swag shop to commemorate your success!

The Logistics

Figuring out your flight plan is half the challenge - but we suggest avoiding high traffic times, coordinating with others for carpools and to lower your carbon footprint, being aware of park hours and fees, and be prepared with food, water, & sun screen. Stretch a bunch, be safe, smart, and please practice leave no trace principles throughout the hikes.

Wear something neon GREEN to show others you are participating!

Start hiking in:
The Inception

While we admired the panoramic view atop Mount Saint Helena one clear afternoon, my muttered statement broke the silence... "It would be rad to summit all 3 in one day." He looked at me bewildered, so I pointed at Tam and Diablo, both visible from our vantage point. He said, "Is it possible?", then an even better question for two out of shape guys... "could WE do it?" We chose the longest day of the year to supplement for travel logistics and park operating hours. One foot after the other we finally completed (barely) our self imposed challenge and when we reached the final summit some friendly folks cheered us on, "you made it!", and to save face for how wrecked we appeared, "we just climbed this one, that one and that one" (pointing to the other peaks). Their astonishment with our accomplishment led us to make this thing a thing, and thus, the Summit Solstice was born!

You can watch the inaugural Summit Solstice HERE!

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We do NOT recommend this challenge. In fact, please don't do it!

if you do, we aren't liable and please consult a health professional first. 

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